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The initial treatment involves a 10 minute consultation to better understand a person's condition and thus respond to identified needs. A combination of crystals and Reiki healing is given as a personal tailor-made service, which takes the treatment to a more profound level.

Clothes remain on and you'll be comfortably lying on a therapy couch. A selection of crystals are chosen which correspond to each individual chakra. The crystals are placed on and around the body to help , balance and realign the energy system. A geometric crystal grid as required will be arranged to direct energy and create positive change. Reiki energy is facilitated by the practitioner using gentle hand movements with intention to move the flow of energy and heal where most needed. For an extended session with sound, the effects of singing bowls bring in a deeper healing, increasing spiritual well-being for mind body and soul.


 Combining crystals with Reiki and sound amplifies the overall healing and helps to bring the chakras to their natural harmonic balance and can unfold into a spiritual path of great beauty. The treatment is relaxing and clients may feel sensations of moving energy or emotional release. Generally, a feeling of deep relaxation is experienced and the body's natural healing processes can start to work. 

Maria T

Anna has a great understanding of how the physical body relates to the chakras and the aura.  She is patient, empathic and is able to tune in spiritually. I felt a great sense of relief emotionally, especially when focusing around the heart chakra with a crystal grid.

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