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Hi I'm Anna, a certified crystal healer and Usui Reiki Master working in London. I combine Reiki with crystal healing to activate and balance the physical body and the energy system.

I have always been Intrigued by the profound and positive effects of crystals, so i embarked on a journey towards understanding their true wisdom. 


I offer 1:1 in person healing sessions and i am currently teaching crystal healing Level 1 & 2. 


There was a time where i felt lost and disconnected from myself, but through the power of various healing and creative techniques, i was guided back to my true being and to my gifts. I also love creating artwork that helps to open the mind and empower the soul to promote healing.

I channel life force energy to help others reconnect to their true self harmonising mind, body and spirit. The support i offer is what has supported me.

It is an honour to work with the healing properties of the crystal kingdom mother earth has gifted us; harnessing their power with intention and spiritual connection. Whether it be the path to create harmony, spiritual empowerment or physical well-being, my aim is to help others heal themselves from within and connect with their higher potential and infinite power.


Crystal healing Master Teacher - taught by Philip Permutt

Usui Reiki Master Teacher - taught by Michael Hauffman

Diploma in Aura & Chakra healing

Sound therapy - taught by Marko Zigon

Diploma in Astrology

Btec National Diploma in Art & Design 

Diploma in Art Therapy

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