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 Reiki & Crystal Healing London

Crystal healing partnered with Reiki channels an essence of self love and acceptance, after a session you will experience greater peace, wellness and vitality. My spiritual sessions incorporating crystal healing with Reiki in London offer help to those seeking mental or physical empowerment. There’s an abundance of benefits to participating in my combination sessions, harnessing the powers of Reiki and crystals can lead to outstanding results. 

As a spiritual healer in London, my objective is to help my clients develop positive affirmations that resonate with their desires, while nurturing any obstacles they have blocking their inner healing process. Each session stems around positive spiritual growth, healing past traumas or current mental turmoil and striving for a happier, content sense of being. 

Why Crystal Healing With Reiki?

My Reiki crystal healing in London offers all the benefits of Reiki partnered with intuitively chosen crystals, which further complements the healing process. I understand that every person is beautifully unique, with different energies, struggles and ambitions, which is why my crystal healing with Reiki is tailored specifically to your individual needs.


Reiki is a spiritual practice that originated in Japan - the term comes from the Japanese words "Rei" which translates to "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki, meaning "life force energy". This holistic therapy works by subtle and effective energy work to clean and balance the body’s energy system, promoting stress reduction and relaxation. When paired with my crystal healing, this supercharges the energy flow, offering incredible healing properties. 


Welcome The Power of Crystal Healing With Reiki 

The healing power of crystals has been used for centuries and has been known to help with physical, mental, and emotional healing. Reiki with crystal healing is a powerful way to promote wellbeing and to clear any blockages or imbalances in the body. The session begins with a short consultation to discuss my client’s needs and intentions. I will then place crystals on the client’s body, which corresponds to the seven main chakras, while also providing my Reiki healing energy. During the session, I will offer guided visualisations and affirmations to help you set intentions, manifest your desires, and move forward on your healing journey.

Reach Out To Me

My Reiki and crystal healing in London is open to anyone ready to seek spiritual growth and healing. I provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to help my clients explore their healing journey. If you are in need of a spiritual healer in London, get in touch today and I can help guide you in the direction of growth. 

Maria T

Anna has a great understanding of how the physical body relates to the chakras and the aura.  She is patient, empathic and is able to tune in spiritually. I felt a great sense of relief emotionally, especially when focusing around the heart chakra with a crystal grid.

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